Rhode Island

Current Legislation

Vehicle Taxes

RILBMDA supported the reduction and elimination of the state's vehicle tax, which was included in the State budget. 

Limiting Employer Mandates

RILBMDA is working with the Rhode Island Business Coalition to pass legislation to limit municipalities’ authority to enforce their own labor mandates on private employers. The legislation will help prevent cities and towns from enacting their own minimum wage or sick leave policies.

Road and Bridge Restrictions

RILBMDA opposes legislation that places unnecessary weight restrictions on certain rods and bridges. 

High School Internships

RILBMDA supports S.100, which would permit junior and senior high school students to participate in internship programs. S.100 is a step in the right direction to help connect people, especially young people, with the great career opportunities available today and in the future. 


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For more information on legislative and regulatory in Rhode Island, contact govtaffairs@nrla.org or 518.286.1010.