Dear Valued NRLA Members,

As a global community we have all been watching as news develops regarding COVID-19 (the Novel Coronavirus). NRLA's first priority is to support the best interest of the NRLA staff and members of the association. It is also our priority to encourage individuals to proactively work to reduce the impact and longevity of this virus in any way that we can. For this reason, NRLA is taking the following steps:

From Monday, March 16 to Friday, May 15, our office will operate remotely. We will assess the environmental circumstances weekly and continue to be flexible for as long as needed. During this time you should expect your member experience to be seamless.

We will continue to conduct our regular business; however, until May 29, all NRLA meetings will be held remotely. This includes educational meetings, roundtables, and lobby days (subject to group approval).

During this time, our staff's primary focus will be on helping our members manage the issues associated with COVID-19. We will communicate this information to your email, NRLA's website, and through social media outlets. I encourage you to share any challenges you have with me at or 518-880-6352.

Thank you,
NRLA President
Rita Ferris