Lumber co-operator: May 2017 - page 10

From the Publisher
Rob Totaro, director of communications & P.R.
This issue marks a change. Not the first. And, most certainly, not the last.
For the 16th time in the 100-year history of the Lumber Co-operator, our
masthead—the graphic at the top of the cover—has changed.
Emblazoned today, with a sleek “LC” box, the Lumber Co-operator (LC)
has received an update—a reboot—in its look. The communication expected
today is far different than what was expected 100 years ago. This iteration of the
masthead gives us the opportunity to closely align the magazine with our other
communication channels, namely the LC Wired and LC SupplySide e-newsletters,
which have also received an updated format this month.
“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
At the LC, we are constantly challenging ourselves to make the next magazine
our best issue ever. We’ve adopted that relentless pursuit of excellence from you,
our members. Just as your business changes every day, so too does our need to
seek out stories of new best practices and members who are shifting the paradigm
of the industry.
The legislative issue is a perfect opportunity to highlight how quickly things can
change. After all, legislation comes and goes. Legislators—and their personal
agendas—come and go. But the NRLA’s legislative team has been a constant
defender of our industry for generations.
This issue is a highlight reel of the issues and opportunities presented to our
industry this year through legislation. And while the legislative department is
knowledgeable and powerful, the most effective tool we have to communicate
is your voice. I urge everyone reading this to get involved and be heard in the
legislative process.
Best always,
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