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Three high-quality materials to choose from.
• Windsor Revive Wood Clad –
Outside, the sash and pocket frame are protected from the elements by
heavy-duty, extruded aluminum cladding. Inside, you’ll enjoy the warmth and beauty of natural wood.
• Windsor Revive Hybrid –
Heavy-duty, extruded aluminum cladding also protects the pocket frames of
our Hybrid windows, but the sashes are constructed of cellular PVC for unmatched energy efficiency
and the look of real painted wood.
• Windsor Revive Vinyl –
Thick, multi-chambered vinyl adds strength and decreases air infiltration.
Durable Windsor Revive Vinyl windows are guaranteed to never fade, peel or chip.
With Windsor Revive™ Pocket Replacement Windows.
Each window can be transformed with stunning Windsor quality in about an hour — with fewer worries about disturbing treasured wood trim
and other interior and exterior features. Meticulously built to order with the features you want, Windsor Revive pocket replacement windows
are a fast, uncomplicated upgrade. And a real breath of fresh air.
Breathe new life into your home
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