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With the addition of PAM fastening technology, FastenMaster now offers
a premium systems of auto-feed screws and collated screws that help pro
customers complete a job faster, easier, and stronger.
Contractors who screw down subfloors or decks will love the PAM AutoFeed System, which is smooth, with no bit grinding or
cam-outs; reliable, which means no jams; will increase productivity of contractors with its 50 screws per strip and fast loading action;
and it threads screws up to 43% faster.
FastenMaster is now offering your pro customers the opportunity to upgrade their old auto-feed system for just $150, or
they can receive $50 off a complete system.
Woodbrowser, Inc. recently launched a transparent purchasing platform for lumber and panel products.
Woodbrowser currently provides truckload quantity purchasers with direct access to lumber at more
than 145 mills and growing in North America via phone, e-mail, and online, as well as products from
traditional wholesalers and distribution channels.
“Woodbrowser’s platform and sales process provides buyers and sellers of
lumber products with a much more efficient method of price discovery on the
open market, really as easy as sending an e-mail,” said Chuck Gaede, president
of Woodbrowser. “Our ‘True Price Finder’ platform replicates the current sales
cycle that can take hours when conducted traditionally via phone and email.
We’ve transferred that process to an easy-to-use web platform that allows buyers
to view bids from multiple mills and sellers simultaneously, negotiate, and then
purchase all in the same place, which saves an enormous amount of time.”
The “True Price Finder” is Woodbrowser’s proprietary price discovery tool
that has already been proven to save purchasers time and money. In May of
2013, the company’s beta site was tested with select customers and mills. The
newly updated platform went live in June of this year and is already in use by
many of Woodbrowser’s customers.
Unlike other trading platforms, Woodbrowser recreates the current sales process for buyers and sellers, allowing a buyer
to simply choose the products they are looking to purchase and instantly send that quote request to multiple mills and brokers.
The user interface allows for both sides of the transaction to offer, receive, and negotiate pricing all on one screen, with the buy-
er seeing the actual cost from the mill or seller plus a flat fee based on the per 1,000 board foot cost of the lumber. The platform
also provides valuable feedback including current market data, the rank of the offer, and average offer price, which is informa-
tion that has never been offered to either party in the current marketplace. Purchasers and sellers can also find their purchase
orders and past quotes all in the same place.
For more information, contact Annie Beck, marketing director, at 888.963.8956, ext. 704 or at
, or
visit woodbrowser.com.
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• Video—The new site integrates videos throughout, including a featured video on the main page, product videos in
various sections, installation videos, and more.
• Revamped product pages—The new site condenses all relevant information: images, descriptions, warranty
information, and more into a single clean page design, making it easier to locate details.
• Consumer-focused content—The new site includes a redesigned blog with content geared to homeowners,
including how-to information, guidance on product selection, and other educational material.
• Contractor material—The new site was redesigned to include better resources for construction pros, including a section
on new installations and warranties, a literature library page, information on the WOLF PRO program, and more.
“We recreated the site from scratch to give our visitors a richer experience and provide more in-depth details about our
product lines,” said Amy R. Myers, WOLF’s digital marketing manager. “By building in features like instructional videos, blog
content and post-your-photo areas, we’ve developed a site that appeals to dealers, contractors, and homeowners alike.”
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