Boise Cascade Expands Markets for Fire Membrane Joist (AJS® 24 FMJ) One-Step Fire Solution for Unfinished Basements

Boise Cascade, LLC, one of the largest producers of engineered wood products and plywood in North America, has announced increased production of AJS 24 FMJ, a single-step, ready-to-install I-Joist for unfinished residential basements and will be expanding to new markets. Ready for easy installation immediately upon arrival at the jobsite, AJS® 24 FMJ I-Joists are designed without a specific top and bottom orientation to help assure correct framing. Web holes for plumbing runs can be cut in the same manner as for non-protected joists. 
AJS 24 FMJ I-Joists feature a foil-faced insulation board, a critical component for passing the ASTM E119 fire test required to establish equivalency to dimension lumber joists. Meeting stringent durability standards required by the building code, the 
I-Joists have been tested by an independent laboratory, meet ICC-ES® acceptance criteria for fire protection of residential floors, and are listed in the APA’s Low Emission Product Reports. 

“As with all Boise Cascade solutions, we developed the AJS 24 FMJ I-Joists to provide our customers with a reliable, high performance building product that meets the requirements of the latest building code,” said Tim Debelius, marketing programs manager for Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Products. “Builders who install AJS 24 FMJ in basements can rest easier knowing that homeowners will be satisfied and their investment is protected by a quality product from one of the building material industry’s most trusted brands.” 

Lighter than equivalent 2x10 and 2x12 floor systems and non-corrosive to fasteners, AJS 24 FMJ I-Joists are engineered to offer a wider nailing surface, along with longer and stronger spans – resulting in improved floor performance. 

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