CAMO® Helps Contractors to “Deck Responsibly”

May is a busy time for deck builders as homeowners look forward to a summer of kicking back on their gorgeous new deck.  May is also the North American Deck & Railing Association’s (NADRA) Deck Safety Month® and National Nail’s CAMO®, the most innovative deck fastening systems brand, supports NADRA by encouraging contractors, and homeowners alike, to Deck Responsibly when both installing and enjoying their decks.  This includes looking out for worker safety as well as creating decks that are safer for homeowners.

“Deck Safety Month is the perfect time for our launch of the CAMO® Deck Responsibly™ tagline.  Deck Responsibly is a natural extension of what we strive to achieve for both the deck installers and the homeowner.  Each CAMO product is designed to save any installer time, effort, and costs with versatile, durable products that create a safe, easy installation experience and a safer deck for homeowners,” said W. Scott Baker, CEO of National Nail.

As a leader in deck fastening systems, CAMO has several tips for homeowners to keep decks safe:

  • Check for any deck board movement that may attribute to instability.

  • Examine the gap between ledger and joist--a widened gap may indicate that bolts need tightening.

  • Look for raised or corroded fasteners which may compromise the integrity of the deck structurally and on the surface, present a trip hazard or danger to bare feet.

Many homeowners desire that “fastener-free” deck look that they experience with their indoor hardwood products.  And CAMO does not disappoint. From its unique CAMO Edge Fastening system for square boards, which drives proprietary screws into the edge of the board, to the new CAMO EdgeClips™ for grooved boards, homeowners receive the look and a safer enjoyment experience with fasteners removed from the surface.  To speed installation, the new award-winning CAMO Drive stand- up tool can fasten Edge screws, EdgeClips/EdgeXClips and face screws up to 5X faster than traditional fastening methods. And it attaches to the contractor’s own drill.

The CAMO Drive also solves another Deck Responsibly safety aspect:  wear and tear on the contractor’s body. It gets contractors off their knees, removing the stress from ankles, knees, hips and backs so they can enjoy time with their families.  And of course, the speedier installations inherent in all CAMO® products reduces labor, time and ultimately, jobsite fatigue. CAMO Deck Responsibly.

To learn more about how to Deck Responsibly with new CAMO Drive and EdgeClip products, visit