Jack Leary of Impact 180 Consulting Group Hosts Webinar

In April, Impact 180 Consulting group, in conjunction with Epicor hosted a webinar intitled:

Knowing Your Customer: How LBM Businesses Can Adopt Customer Engagement Strategies

A very hot topic in the LBM industry, the webinar covered the process of moving beyond old school “one size fits all” marketing efforts to the current practice of Omni-Channel marketing.  Topics discussed during the event included:

  • Why and how LBM Dealers and Distributors need to implement customer engagement marketing
  • Remaining competitive by tying together every customer interaction
  • The difference between customer marketing vs. customer engagement
  • The effect customer engagement has on sales
  • How to gather complete customer Information
  • New approaches to knowing your customer
  • Implementing customer engagement marketing and ROI

Epicor invited over 12,000 clients and prospective clients from around the world to attend. 

If you have interest in receiving a recording of the webinar sent to your inbox, e mail your request to: leary.jack@impact180group.com

About Impact 180:

Impact 180 is a group of senior professionals with backgrounds in LBM retailing, operations, merchandising, marketing & communications, manufacturing, customer relationship management, market research, product ideation, creative ideation and execution.