Kleer Trim Products Now Available With Cortex Collated Hidden Fastening System 

The Cortex system with collated plugs speeds installation while ensuring a smooth, blemish-free surface.

Kleer Lumber now offers the Cortex Fastening System for Kleer trim products. The hidden fastening system uses new collated plugs for fast, simple installation while ensuring a smooth surface to complement and further enhance Kleer’s premium aesthetic.  

The Cortex system is comprised of Cortex screws that are set below the surface, collated plugs made of Kleer cellular PVC, and a TORX® ttap® drive system. Installers use the setting tool to drive the fastener to the preset level, then position and tap the plug into place, thereby hiding the screw head for a smooth, blemish-free surface. The collated plugs, which come 20 per strip, tear away easily to ensure a smooth process. 

“One of the defining characteristics of Kleer Trim is its authentic looks, and the option to use the Cortex hidden fastening system only furthers that visual by allowing for a clean, finished look,” said Matt Michalski, Product Manager for Kleer. “What’s more, the new tear-away, collated plugs ensure installers can keep moving and stay ahead of schedule.”   

The trim plugs are paintable and are available in wood-grain and smooth finishes to coordinate with reversible Kleer trimboards. Two fastener lengths are available: 2-3/4-inch lengths with a choice of 250 or 750 linear feet of collated plugs and 2-inch lengths with 250 linear feet of collated plugs. 

Made with expanded cellular PVC, Kleer trimboards offer the look of wood without the associated maintenance, and they will not splinter, rot, delaminate, or swell. TruEDGE® technology provides sharper, cleaner edges that resist dirt and an easy-to-clean smooth finish. Kleer trimboards cut and fasten with standard tools, and they can be installed in direct contact with the ground, masonry, and other potentially wet surfaces. 

For more information, visit www.kleerlumber.com.