Leaders Shatter the Status Quo with Innovation

On September 18th through the 21st, LMC held its fourth annual Leadership Summit in Boston, Massachusetts. The Leadership Summit is a rare opportunity where future leadership in the LMC Dealer Network come together to learn from each other as well as from professionals in other industries.

This year’s theme was “Innovation,” and attendees learned how to use inventive thinking techniques and skills to enable them to think more creatively, innovate, and easily adapt to change. All of the companies and locations the group visited over the three day event are innovators in their respective industries. 

“We wanted to visit companies and institutions that really push attendees to think outside the box,” said Jessica Scerri, Chairman of the Aspiring Leaders Group. “How can the next generation of leaders step beyond the status quo and re-imagine their businesses?”
Event facilitator Jim Austin, a faculty member for Duke CE, outlined the trajectory for the event. He said the group would be looking to better understand incremental and transformative innovation, the risks involved, and the need to develop a portfolio of options for innovation-driven growth.

The attendees headed to MIT where they visited the MIT Museum and participated in a hands on structural engineering workshop. The leaders then attended MassChallenge, the world’s largest global accelerator. They learned how to stay pertinent when startups are disrupting industries, and heard directly from entrepreneurs who are relevant to this industry.  

“I really enjoyed the MIT Museum, it definitely caused me to think differently and outside the box,” said Ian Galbraith, Foxworth Galbraith.

The event included several speakers that shared how they lead the effort to drive a culture that is rooted in innovation, and innovative ways retailers are capitalizing on the demographic shifts that are providing both opportunities and risks for the modern retailer. 
The group also visited Stanley Security’s Futures Innovation Factory, a breakthrough innovation center in Boston dedicated to advancing technological innovation in the company’s business. They also ventured to Fenway Park for a special tour of the park. The tour examined the history of Fenway and detailed how the park was saved from being replaced through innovative thinking.  

At the conclusion of the event, attendees gathered to discuss all they had learned over the past few days and how they could apply it back home.  

“I am very impressed with the opportunity, the idea generation, the collaboration, and the willingness of all the participants to share their insights,” said Tim Tryba, Consolidated Lumber.

LMC understands that taking on the family business can be a challenging prospect, but through events like the Leadership Summit, we take great pride in doing everything we can to support the growth and innovation of the Independent Dealer for years to come.