MRLDA Honors Past Presidents

A four-year high 50 attendees, including 15 Past Presidents, were in attendance for the MRLDA’s Past Presidents’, Past Board Members, & Friends Luncheon held at the M.I.T. Endicott House in Dedham, Mass., on April 23. Joe Cusack, of Upstate Door, served as emcee honoring the Past Presidents in attendance and reading special messages from those unable to be there in person. Cusack also gave special recognition to the newest member of the Past President’s club, Leah Fennell, formerly of Shepley Wood Products, for her service to the industry, and also to senior statesman, Ben Tedesco, of Howe Lumber. Tedesco was presented with a framed picture of Basley’s Lumber, where he began his distinguished career in the lumber industry, serving as foreman at age 16. Attendees also heard from MRLDA President, Rob McKean, of Building Center, and NRLA President, Rita Ferris.  

Past Presidents in attendance, with the company they were with when serving as President, included:

1974 Burt Mullen, Mullen Lumber Co., Sudbury
1978 Joseph Cusack, Weymouth Lumber Co., South Weymouth
1981 Bernard Tedesco, Ben Tedesco Builders Supply, Worcester
1993 Alfred Torrisi, Jackson Lumber & Millwork, Lawrence
1997 Hamilton Shepley, Shepley Wood Products, Hyannis
1999 Harvey Hurvitz, Cape Cod Lumber, Abington
2000 Calvin Moore, G.V. Moore Lumber, Ayer
2002 Jay Torrisi, Jackson Lumber & Millwork, Lawrence
2005-06 Jim Baker, Shepley Wood Products, Hyannis
2007 Steven Esty, Ralph A. Esty & Sons, Groveland
2008 Matt Shea, Belletete’s Inc., Winchendon
2011-12 Tom McNulty, Hingham Lumber, Cohasset
2013 Jack Connors, BROSCO, Honorary Past President
2013-2014 Scott Norrie, Howe Lumber, East Brookfield
2017-2018 Leah Fennell, Shepley Wood Products, Hyannis
MRLDA Past Presidents Luncheon 2019