Pleasant River Lumber Expanding Operations

Pleasant River Lumber will be expanding its operations in Maine with several major investments over the next two to three years.

“Strong markets have put us in a good position to continue to modernize and expand our mills in Maine” - Jason Brochu, Co-President

A six-million-dollar investment in the Jackman facility will be completed in two phases and will increase throughput by 20%. The first phase is scheduled for fall of 2021 and will improve wood flow into the mill. The second phase will be the installation of a new sawing line that will dramatically increase hourly production.

The Dover-Foxcroft facility is scheduled for one and a half million-dollar planer mill upgrade that will be completed in late spring of 2021. This project will increase the planning capacity of the site to 180 million board feet annually.

The Enfield facility, which began producing lumber in late 2020, will see ten-million-dollar additional investment to provide the addition of a tree length slashing system in mid-2021, a state-of-the-art lumber drying facility in late 2021, and the installation of a second sawing line early in 2023. These projects will increase the capacity of the Enfield site to 150 million board feet annually making it the highest producing sawmill in Maine.

Pleasant River Pine, the white pine division of the company, will see a seven and a half million-dollar investment in its facilities. The planned projects will increase sawing capacity by five million board feet and include a state-of-the-art planning mill with optimized grading.

“An important goal of ours is to provide local markets for the forest products of Maine and we are willing to make these investments to help provide sustained markets for our loggers and landowners”. - Chris Brochu Co-President.

Once all projects are complete Pleasant River Lumber will have annual production capacity of 400 million board feet throughout its Maine mills. Pleasant River Lumber’s mill operations employ over 300 people in Maine. They also own and operate A&A Brochu Trucking, a 30-unit trucking company, A&A Brochu logging, a commercial thinning operation, Quality Saw which consists of two full service saw filing shops, and Ware-Butler, a 9-store building products chain with an additional 160 employees and locations throughout Maine.