SoftPlan version 2020 Released

SoftPlan Systems, Inc. has released SoftPlan version 2020. SoftPlan version 2020 incorporates hundreds of new features that enhance the unique design experience SoftPlan has to offer.

The biggest update to SoftPlan version 2020 is the addition of Annotated Elevations, Cross Sections, and Interior Elevations. This feature presents a brand new, streamlined way to annotate elevation and section views with details like dimensions, extensions, notes, symbols, and more. As changes are made to the model drawings, dimensions and auto-generated elevation markers revise to create up-to-date detailed images that can be directly added to Plan Sets. Elevation and section views can also be rendered in any of SoftPlan’s 3D modes to create a number of different presentation styles.

SoftPlan version 2020 also expands SoftPlan’s import and export capabilities by introducing a Google site data import feature that allows quick creation of 3D site plans without having to visit or survey the site. Additionally, SoftPlan’s improved PDF functionality creates an easy solution for importing information on PDF pages into the drawing by converting that information into editable shapes. This allows for the quick editing of items obtained from external sources such as surveys and details.

A new addition to the SoftPlan+ service allows subscribers to generate 360° photos within the SoftPlan 3D model and publish them directly to a Facebook page or website. 360° photos are interactive images that can be panned and explored by anyone viewing them.

Over 30,000 architectural, building, and remodeling companies have discovered SoftPlan as the foremost CAD package for residential building professionals.