Top News From 2017
It’s that time of year for Top 10 Lists of 2017. And all of us at the NRLA and the Lumber Co-operator are excited to have so many big stories to choose from the past year. As we reviewed website traffic and email clicks to put this list together, we decided not to give you just the top stories, but here are the top 5 topics that our readers were reading about in 2017.

#5 Job News

A popular feature on is always the news of promotions and people changing jobs. Here are some of this years most read job news articles: 

#4 Drugs

Stories about drugs use and marijuana laws took center stage this year as employers look to figure out how new drug laws in several states will impact their workforce.

#3 A Legislative Win

A bill proposed in Connecticut was put in the spotlight because of NRLA’s legislative department. While the bill would have negatively impacted product warranties in the state, the NRLA was able to rally support from members and other trade associations to put pressure on legislators. Although the bill ultimately passed – with just a few hours left to go in session – the pressure applied by the NRLA ultimately led to the bill being vetoed by the Governor. This was an extraordinary action taken by the Governor and showcased the power of NRLA members when they come together.

#2 Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions were another popular theme in 2017. We saw many retail and associate members merge to form more successful businesses. Here are a few of the most read Mergers and Acquisitions stories of the year.

#1 Softwood Lumber

Dominating industry news and gaining national attention was the Softwood Lumber Agreement.  Softwood Lumber joined the national debate as President Trump looked to protect American jobs and promote better trade partnerships. Here are just a few of the popular stories about softwood lumber and history of the agreement:

From all of us at the NRLA and the Lumber Co-operator, we wish you a very happy and healthy 2018.