Top of the Class: LMC Dealers at Wharton

It was a week of introspection and innovation as 47 dealers from 20 states came together for the LMC Executive Education Program. The program was held in Philadelphia, PA January 13 – 18, 2019 at the renowned Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. 

“The partnership with Wharton and the ability to offer this kind of program, not seen elsewhere in the industry, is part of the reason LMC dealers stand out,” said LMC president John Somerville. “Since its inception in 2015, there has been high demand to be in attendance for this unique executive education experience.”

The program is unique as it goes beyond a business school curriculum. The entire week of learning is framed around an industry relevant case study that helps the attending dealers apply what they are learning to their own companies. 

One of the most touted advantages of this program is the ability to learn from the expert professors at Wharton.

“I loved this whole week. Just being able to learn so many different things from professors who teach this every day and teach this to CEOs and COOs,” explained Brooke Schneider of Tague Lumber. 

Recently, US News and The Financial Times named Wharton the best executive education program in the country, a feeling which was shared by the participants. The exclusive event has been described as a ‘first class experience,’ a rare opportunity to learn and grow under the guidance of Wharton professors—renowned in the field of business. 

 “The professors have been very enlightening and the information I have learned here will be applied and used moving forward in my career,” said Chip Phillips of Goldsboro Builders Supply. “The Wharton School is a once in a lifetime experience and the relationships from the peers I have interacted with are invaluable.”

Opportunities such as the Wharton Executive Education Program are offered to LMC dealers to empower their staff and future leaders. 

“Every session was really valuable.” said John Humphrey of North Atlantic Corp. “I came into it with really high expectations and everyday just [surpassed] what I thought I was going to take away. I am really fortunate.”