Lumber Person of the Year

The Lumber Person of the Year award is one of the highest honors given by one’s peers in the 
lumber and building material industry and is awarded annually.


George Rafuse of Wipfli/Macpage
2021 RLDAM Lumber People of the Year

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Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient


Gary Patnode of Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply
2021 RLDAM Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

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RLDAM Past Lumber Persons of the Year

1985   Donald F. Collins, S.W. Collins, Inc.
1986   James L. Mooney Sr., Sterns Lumber Co.
1987   Robert Morrell, Brunswick Coal & Lumber
1988   William M. Moody, Rufus Deering Co.
1989   Gerard Giguere, Ware-Butler Co.
1990   Judson L. Flanagan, Viking, Inc.
1991   Everett L. Spear II, E.L. Spear, Inc.
1992   Samuel W. Collins III, S.W. Collins, Inc.
1993   Harrison Homans, BROSCO
1994   Clifton "Skip" Hammond, Hammond Lumber Co.
1995   K. David Hancock, Hancock Lumber Co.
1996   James Robbins, Robbins Lumber Co.
1997   Normand Lapointe Sr., Lapointe Lumber Co.
1998   Richard Giguere, Ware-Butler, Inc.
1999   Robert Thing, Hammond Lumber Co.
2000   Peter Bernier, Downeast Building Supply
2001   Erin Flanagan, Viking, Inc.
2002   Dick Caldwell, Lavalley Lumber Co.
2003   Kevin Hancock, Hancock Lumber Co., Inc.
2004   Gregg Collins, S.W. Collins, Inc.
2005   Dudley Gray, Viking, Inc.
2006   Brian Thayer, Lavalley Lumber
2007   Kevin Brockmyre, Boston Cedar
2008   Roxy Ann Helm, Huttig Building Products
2009   Bill Kelley, Coastal Forest Products
2010   The Morrell Family, Downeast Building Supply
2011   Frank Rankin, Rankin’s, Inc.
2012   David Flanagan, Viking, Inc.
2013   Tom Goodyear, S.W. Collins
2014   Richard Tarr, Lapointe Lumber
2015          John Yazwinski, Hancock Lumber Company
2015         *Howie Jones, Huttig Building Products
2016          Allen Moulton, Moulton Lumber Company
2016         *Erwin Ward, Everlast Roofing
2017          Jim Murphy, Riverside Millork 
2018         Steve Farnham, McCormack Building Supply
2018         *Duane Farnham, McCormack Building Supply
2019         Michael & Marsha Knight, Hillside Lumber
2019         *Jenness Robbins, Robbins Lumber Co.
2021         George Rafuse, Wipfli/Macpage
2021         *Gary Patnode, Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply

*Lifetime Achievement Award