Lumber Person of the Year

The Lumber Person of the Year award is one of the highest honors given by one’s peers in the 
lumber and building material industry and is awarded annually.

Ed Druke of WW Building Supply
2017 VRLDA Lumber Person of the Year

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Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient 

John Durfee of Bethel Mills, Inc.
2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

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VRLDA Past Lumber Persons of the Year

1985   Carl H. Larson
1986   John B. Durfee
1987   H. Chandler Parker Jr.
1988   Robert Gallagher
1989   Wesley Carroll
1990   Walter Lacillade
1991   Chester Greenwood III
1992   Dick Miles
1993   Roy Rotella
1994   Malcolm "Red" Mackenzie
1995   Paul Dean
1996   Eric Durfee
1997   James Lacillade
1998   Edward Couture
1999   Edward Gartner
2000   Jeff Larson
2001   John O'Brien & George Ray
2002   Bill Evasick
2003   Alan Dueso
2004   Steve Larrabee
2005   Peter Poulin
2006   Scott Vasquezi & Carl Dirkes
2008   Lang Durfee
2009   T. Niblo Creed (Lifetime Achievement)
2010   Dennis Charron
2011   Norman Greenberg
2012   Steve Churco
2013   The Allen Family
2014   Tim Branstetter
2014   *Richard Wright
2015   Cory Poulin
2015   *Doug Britton
2016   Joe Miles
2016   *Sterling Golder
2017   Ed Druke
2017   *John Durfee

*Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient